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Really good

I really really liked this, it's a bit slow when trying to move pieces to the sides (I don't know if this is on purpose or not, maybe I'm just not used to it), but overall all it's pretty awesome, keep up the good work!

kinda good

good game, kinda short, but still good, and its got a neat AI, keep up the good work

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks :) Yeah, the KI is kinda hard...it must be ;)

great game!

this is a pretty well done game, even with a training stage! this is something u dont see pretty often on ng...keep up the good work!


this is a great game, i enjoyed it...well, i lost, but i still enjoyed it, its great, keep up the good work!


because of popular request, liar


Not kinda good, still deserved my 2, but instead of a stress reliever, it just stressed me dammit.


there r ships u cant even shoot and r invincible, good try but it needs to be fixed asap

the two greates things combined

great combination, it could use a little work in all the aspects though

dunno whos trent lott, dont really care

it was fun shooting him though

good game, sick ideals

i dont wanna justify the 9-11 atacks, but the us really deserved it, they kill just because of money (petroleum actually). the most impressive thing is how ppl really believe in those politicians that make u just sick imperialist americans, and look at it, your country isnt even america, its the us but u think u r the only ones that live in america. i hope someday ppl will realize bout this truth and rebel against u. the us knows this, thats y they r putting ppl against castro, lula, chavez, lucio gutierrez, saddam, etc

"I don't agree with this outdated trend, nationalism is an evil friend, but hatred is instilled by invisible lines, drawn in our minds." -Greg Graffin

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