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cool movie

it was good, and it had some fun in it, not the best graphics, and it was pretty long, just a lil question, how much time did it take for u to upload the movie with dial-up?? it was like an hour....if u didnt got disconected.

masa-ash responds:

Bahahaha! Yes I tried uplaoding it a few times... It failed. So I used the T3 connection at my school! Me Smart

funny, a lot

it may be funny as hell, but really, those graphics suck! and they arent even coordinated with the sound, but yet again, its pretty funny and that helps the overall rating

it can be much better

ok, i really didnt like it, but i think the storyline is ok, just improve the graphics and animation, and PLZ! change that annoying music, it can do a lot better

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Really good

I really really liked this, it's a bit slow when trying to move pieces to the sides (I don't know if this is on purpose or not, maybe I'm just not used to it), but overall all it's pretty awesome, keep up the good work!

kinda good

good game, kinda short, but still good, and its got a neat AI, keep up the good work

Goatchrist responds:

Thanks :) Yeah, the KI is kinda hard...it must be ;)

great game!

this is a pretty well done game, even with a training stage! this is something u dont see pretty often on ng...keep up the good work!

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