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cool movie

it was good, and it had some fun in it, not the best graphics, and it was pretty long, just a lil question, how much time did it take for u to upload the movie with dial-up?? it was like an hour....if u didnt got disconected.

masa-ash responds:

Bahahaha! Yes I tried uplaoding it a few times... It failed. So I used the T3 connection at my school! Me Smart

funny, a lot

it may be funny as hell, but really, those graphics suck! and they arent even coordinated with the sound, but yet again, its pretty funny and that helps the overall rating

it can be much better

ok, i really didnt like it, but i think the storyline is ok, just improve the graphics and animation, and PLZ! change that annoying music, it can do a lot better

blink 182....sucks

u know, u just wasted your time making about the worst band in human history, only comparable with michael jackson, spice girls, britney spears and ricky martin and all those stuff. blink 182 is a fucking commercial band that just wants your money, and its a pathetic rip-off....in fact, it isnt even a rip-off of punk, they just call themselves punks. u r just one in the masses that hears commercial music, im never gonna give u my points, even if other ppl gave u a good score, i mean, who the fuck makes such stupid songs?? if u want to hear real punk, download some dead kennedys, the clash, sex pistols, bad religion, pennywise, anti-flag songs, that is real punk, punk has a meaning, not like that blink 182 imbeciles

Openwounds responds:

I do listen to that music. Blink 182 is Punk Rock, not straight punk. They claim to be Punk Rock which is a form of music made from a mix of punk, and rock. fuck you u dumbass, blink is a kick ass band. NEVER compare them to micheal jackson or the spice girls you worthless piece of shit. and commercial band? they dont use there music to sell products at all, they have played songs and sold the rights to movies but there is nothing wrong with that. so please sshut the fuck up and dont open your mouth unless its going to be constructive. dumbshit, go home fucker.


i just started playing d&d today, its fun, as it is this movie

great movie...

even though i dont really like megaman, this movie is still great, its a great movie, keep up the good work!


funny as hell!!! well, ive gotta accept it, it isnt as good as your newer animations, but its still as funny as hell, kinda short compared to the 2nd one though, lol, well, considering it was your first ng animation, its great! keep up the good work!

good movie

well, this is actually a pretty good movie which i enjoyed a lot, it deserves all my respect, keep up the good work!


hey, this is just a great piece of art, really, and the ending is the best part, just one thing, is that the real body count?? really, i saw a lot more casualties...

Another one

this is just another masterpiece made by legendary frog, funny as hell, great sound, great graphics, great everything! keep up the good work!

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