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cool movie

it was good, and it had some fun in it, not the best graphics, and it was pretty long, just a lil question, how much time did it take for u to upload the movie with dial-up?? it was like an hour....if u didnt got disconected.

masa-ash responds:

Bahahaha! Yes I tried uplaoding it a few times... It failed. So I used the T3 connection at my school! Me Smart

blink 182....sucks

u know, u just wasted your time making about the worst band in human history, only comparable with michael jackson, spice girls, britney spears and ricky martin and all those stuff. blink 182 is a fucking commercial band that just wants your money, and its a pathetic rip-off....in fact, it isnt even a rip-off of punk, they just call themselves punks. u r just one in the masses that hears commercial music, im never gonna give u my points, even if other ppl gave u a good score, i mean, who the fuck makes such stupid songs?? if u want to hear real punk, download some dead kennedys, the clash, sex pistols, bad religion, pennywise, anti-flag songs, that is real punk, punk has a meaning, not like that blink 182 imbeciles

Openwounds responds:

I do listen to that music. Blink 182 is Punk Rock, not straight punk. They claim to be Punk Rock which is a form of music made from a mix of punk, and rock. fuck you u dumbass, blink is a kick ass band. NEVER compare them to micheal jackson or the spice girls you worthless piece of shit. and commercial band? they dont use there music to sell products at all, they have played songs and sold the rights to movies but there is nothing wrong with that. so please sshut the fuck up and dont open your mouth unless its going to be constructive. dumbshit, go home fucker.

not good, but ok

it was funny and everything, but graphics r bad, the rest is really good, i liked this

GPrime666 responds:

grafhics who give's a rat's ass about grafhics any way's it's the violence that counts

crappy graphics, the rest is ok

you should work a little more on the graphics, the rest is ok

addy-s responds:

hi. A 3 is about the best ive gotten for the rew proto movie. Thanks. So are you an ff fan? i checked ur profile, Squall, lol. O well later dude

se ve bien solo una cosa

donde dice "and he have only one objective"
el "have" se escribe correctamente "has". espero ver el trabajo terminado pronto, sigue asi

Ozcar responds:


just a question

did u actually asked the real 8-bit theater creator to do this...i was hoping this was another just like the real 8-bit theater movie, well, anyways, u did a great job, congrats!!!

nonnef responds:

I email him, yeah.
I warned you in the comments it wasn't like 8-bit, so nanana. ^_^

how could they vote so high

its a stupid movie, with a stupid sense of humour.

Wedge1024 responds:

Yep! So consider this a warning to avoid any of my future work! ^^


how did this movie get something higher than a score of 0.000001, counting that its author gave it a 1 just to be generous to himself

Baron-Fredrico responds:

My, my someones in a bad mood. Your probably having a bad day and I'm glad to have been the person you vent your angry on. And actually I'd give this movie 5/5 but maybe I'm bias!

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