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as a movie its ok

its well done and everything, i voted high cuz i knew there were a lot of fuckin imperialist fascists in here, bu actually, y should we pay tribute to a bunch of murderers?? i just dont get it, so fuck u and God damn the USA.

i liked it, pennywise rulz

well, i liked your message, the movie isnt very well done though, but pennywise rulz, fuck police brutality!


i kept laughing at this all the time, its great, im waiting for ep. 2, keep up the good work!

damn u

stop submitting your damn porn fucking noob, even though u r at lvl 9, u r still a damn porn submitter noob, if u cant do decent flash, dont try success posting porn

not good, but ok

it was funny and everything, but graphics r bad, the rest is really good, i liked this

GPrime666 responds:

grafhics who give's a rat's ass about grafhics any way's it's the violence that counts

great, nothing more to say

What else can i say....this was great, keep up the good work.

ok, sid vicious was great, your movie wasnt

sid vicous was GREAT, i admire him a lot, and im sure he was innocent, but your movie sucked, its a shame for sid vicous

gave u a 5

it was great, and well done, well, i gave u a 5 mainly for the message it gives, and i agree 100% with your movie

not too good, but i woulndt join the lsc

im just too lazy to join a crew, plus im not a big fan of star wars. well, good rhyme at the end, lol


u r great, really great, animating one of the BEST online comics isnt an easy job...but u could do it, congrats....btw, i would donat some bucks but i dont have a credit card and i really dont think my mom or dad will allow me to donate something to a total stranger who just made a great movie

"I don't agree with this outdated trend, nationalism is an evil friend, but hatred is instilled by invisible lines, drawn in our minds." -Greg Graffin

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